Fiber Optic Internet Explained

What is fiber optic internet?

At present, the internet plays a vital role and the usage of internet rate was growing higher day by day. Internet became a part of our daily life and there are many ways to establish the internet connection among them one of the internet service is broadband. Broadband internet service is the widely used form of internet access as they offer high access speeds of internet. Broadband is offered in four different forms are DSL, fiber-optic, cable and satellite. Among these four forms fiber-optic is going to be the future of broadband as it provides the fastest internet connection. Fiber optic internet makes use of fiber optic technology for reaching higher speeds of today as fast as 1gbps.

The internet connection which is used to transfer the data fully or partially through fiber optic cables is known as Fiber optic internet. In fiber optic internet, fiber denotes the larger protective cable which consists of thin glass wires and optic mention regarding the type of data transferred as they are transferred in the form of light signals. The light signals travels in faster speed but in the fiber optic internet the data transferred speed is low when compared to the speed of light. As in this internet connection the signal will be bounced in the wire multiple times in the path of reaching the destination yet the internet speed is very fast.

  • Fiber optic internet makes use of fiber optic cables for establishing internet connection instead of copper wires.
  • In this internet connection method, the data will get delivered in the form of light signals and they were passed through small, flexible glass wires.
  • Fiber lets the user to surf on internet via fiber-optic cables and these cables send data to and from the user computer by controlling the power of light.

Layers of fiber optic cable and their process in transmitting data

fiber optic cable layers

The fiber optic internet makes uses of fiber optic cables whereas these cables were made up of five layers are core, cladding, plastic coating, strengthening fibers and cable jacket. The first layer is core which is created by heavy glass tubes packaged together and carry by a central strength component. Second layer is the protective sheath which is known as cladding and it increases the core’s total internal reflection for preventing data loss. Third layer is plastic coating which will be wrapped around the fiber optic cable for strengthening the core and cladding. Strengthening fibers is the fourth layer which adds support to the cable. Cable jacket is the final layer in this all layers was wrapped to protect against elements.

When using fiber optic internet service for accessing the internet at first the electric data signal will sent to the internet transmitter and then the transmitter converts the data into a light signal through changing their intensity and pulse. After that lights signals travelling for long distance will be passed through regenerators and it give boosts for avoiding attenuation. Then a strong signal attenuation-free reaches the destination and the destination transmitter gets the signal. The received signal in destination transmitter decodes them and converts it to digital set-up for completing the transmission. In this way, internet connection will be established in the fiber optic internet.

Benefits offered by fiber optic internet connectivity

Fiber optic internet can be used in home and in business areas. It is highly beneficial for companies of all sizes and mainly it is advantageous for the organizations those were making use of cloud for apps or data storage. This internet is best for business communications when they combined with Voice-Over IP (VoIP) telephony.

Fiber optic internet is best to use in workplaces as it helps to increase the productivity because they are faster than the highest-speed copper internet connections and they may range from 5mbps to 100gbps. The slow internet connection may down the productivity and it will take more time so it is better to use this internet service for faster internet access. Nowadays, most of the organizations were making use of cloud as it is an important business tool that is used from CRM tool to data storage. Implementing fiber optic internet allows faster access to data and application which were stored in the cloud as they have the speed and bandwidth capabilities required for this. Of course there are major benefits for personal use when it comes to fiber optic internet. It can increase frame rate and quality of play in video games especially adult games and make almost any web application better and more efficient. In fact major dating apps have reported that users with fiber optic connections have more success. Adult hookup apps like fuckbook have noted that their members with fiber optic internet tend to have more connections and ultimately more friends with benefits than those accessing the casual encounter site with slower internet speeds. Of course this doesn’t determine causation, but it is a fun correlation to consider. Either way faster internet has a multitude of advantages for personal use.

Fiber optic internet connectivity provides notable reliability benefits than copper internet connectivity as the fiber is stronger than copper. They will not be affected by unpleasant weather conditions so that there won’t be any damage or interrupt in data transmission. The signal strength of fiber optic internet is excellent as they won’t be reducing even over distance. This can be used in the organizations which are in relatively large spaces cloud for good signal strength. It can be used in the businesses that were in need of high speed and bandwidth for data transmission as they provide higher bandwidth and their speed will not decrease even there are high demands on the network. Fiber optic internet provides symmetric speed so that there will be equal upload and download times with this internet connection.

Fiber optic internet terminates the latency issues due to this business can be benefited by enjoying better voice quality over VoIP communication, can move more apps to cloud and more. Using this connectivity will protect against the cyber-crime and it provide high security to stay out from the risk. Fiber optic signals will not degrade or disappear because of electromagnetic interference as they were resistant to interference so …

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What is 5G Internet?

Mobile internet plays an essential role in our day to day fast-moving, current life. Few years back, 3G was launched with GPRS, which allowed the mobile internet that you know nowadays. 4G’s propel simply drastically changed the connection velocity, but you previously require more speed. So what befalls with 5G WiFi?

It will have a greatly wider influence than you might imagine now. It will be a knowledge network correlating future control drones, VR headsets, self-driving cars and trucks and controls billions of different internet-capable gadgets inside and outside your house. As quick as 2020, you can suspect for 5G to launch.

The appearance of mobile communication has improved with the entrance of 5G technology. This latest version of wireless technology provides you with lots of benefits which involve an increase in speed, overcome reluctance and it gives a more secure connection for a broad range of users.

The term ‘5G’ applies to the fifth generation of broadcast technology. Every unique number that heads ‘G’ yields rapid improvements while including calling for renewed base and technologies.
The switch from 3G to 4G presented faster downloads and enhanced functionality particularly with Long Term Evolution (LTE), but the progress from 4G to 5G could be still more powerful. Specialists believe the latest 5G wireless network will give more active speeds and the capacity to transfer more data. Additionally, 5G networking will overcome latency (lag time), thereby improving responsiveness.

The basics of 5G WiFi and their characteristics:

  • 5G will be exactly what you believe it will be! It will be great, much more agile than 4G. The only actual problem correct now is that the enterprise has not allowed on it yet ‘how’ active it should be and on what repetition level it will be on operating. It’s an essential criterion to create standardized methods around the world.
  • The industry heads are too concentrated on forming their technology rather of conforming to basic rules. The general understanding targets a change. All living and future technologies must work collectively hand in hand while moving super fast with moderate latency. You imagine your internet at your house is fast?
  • The 5G on your mobile phone will strike you to it. It has the opportunity to effectively reinstate WiFi networks. It will be 10x active than the present 4G LTE with fiercely low latency. Its low latency speed is necessary for the planned IoT’s (Internet of Things). You desire your self-driving automobiles or drones to respond immediately to any given command, maybe smooth life-threatening conditions.

How does 5G work?

Why can’t the manufacturing leaders accept it? There is besides a lot of study & development continuing about the recurrence levels utilized for 5G. 4G works on low-frequency with the resources to grow around houses and walls quickly. Those flows can also go far distances necessary for the likely required foundation.

4G does not need that many wires for almost perfect coverage. Programmed 5G WiFi networks will go somewhere about the 30GHz & 300GHz rate. These high-frequency streams expect many and countless antennas to satisfy the alike area as 4G currently.

That’s why the firms are examining different rate level for the corresponding result to decrease their future support expansion. It is yet initial days for 5G WiFi.

What are the special features in new 5G?

  • Peak data rate – 5G will provide very high-speed data speeds. Probably, data rates can connect 10 Gbps uplink and 20 Gbps downlink.
  • Real-world speeds – While the technical rates are very exciting, real-world 5G internet velocity will not be identical. The designation calls for user download velocities of 100Mbps and uploads rates of 50Mbps.
  • Latency – Latency should be at 1 millisecond for Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC) and 4 milliseconds in perfect conditions.
  • Efficiency – Ideally, a radio should be capable to turn into a low-energy position within 10 milliseconds when no longer in practice.
  • Spectral efficiency – 5G should have a somewhat improved unearthly efficiency across 4G, beginning at approximately 15bits/Hz downlink and 30bits/Hz uplink.
  • Mobility – With 5G cellular interfaces, terminal stations should promote action from 0 to 310 mph. This indicates the terminal station should operate across a series of antenna changes even on a high-speed train.
  • Connection density – 5G should be ready to assist many more associated devices than 4G. The approved states that the 5G network plan should be capable to support 1 million applicable devices per squared kilometre.

Do you know how fast the 5G network works?

5G is very active, at most limited in the high-frequency spectrum of the technology, the low-frequency limit is simply 10–50 per cent quicker than 4G LTE. The top data speed should be 20 gigabits per second, roughly 200 times quicker than the 100 megabits per second crown data speed of the prevailing 4G LTE mobile data.

The median rate should be 0.5–1.5 gigabits per second – which would still be enough to enable a one-second download of movies. On top of that, 5G should have a vastly reduced latency (the time needed for preparations to send the message etc.) relatively to 4G.

5G should reduce the waiting. For many times, 5G will enable faster mobile data than what nearly all current devices may really exploit and accidentally fast will reasonably be the main study for years. Needless to state, once amazing technologies like driving vehicles and others begin to deeply exploit the tremendous speed, the condition may alter quickly and 5G may resemble insufficiently racing in 2025 or so.

The 5G network technology is previously being established by Telecom firms along with Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, Ericsson, and a few other generators of the antennas in big portions of the world. The customer devices will pause for a few periods if not a time or two. For instance, iPhones with 5G bits will hardly be delivered in 2020 because Intel – producing those chips for Apple has remarkable problems to build the 7-nanometer bits that are required for 5G to be enough battery-saving.

Interesting applications discovered in 5G:

  • IoT things & smart machines will be capable to download and upload data fast.
  • 5G will be utilized for combining smart clothes, ingestible health monitors and even prosthetic devices.
  • Covering the door to smart apartments.
  • Country benefits that will

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Largest Internet Service Providers In The U.S.

Searching for a good ISP, internet service provider is difficult, easier, or it might be combination of both of them. It is normal to meet individuals who have a single ISP in their region. On the other side, most of the people has various options. This can change the process of decision making into dilemma. Choosing something is simple when there is one choice yet it is not easy when there are many to pick. On the internet, as you research, you will find different internet service providers in US in the recent era.

What are the best Internet service providers in the US?

Let’s find the better internet service providers present in the united states. They are:

AT&T Internet

This makes everything seem simple and offers Internet 100 and Internet 1000 main plans. These both provide a speed of about 100Mbps and 1Gbps. Each of the plan begins from 39.99 dollars. It also offers the internet with the speeds which is as lower than five Mbps. It also provides services of broadband and fibre to millions of individuals. You can spare you money using this internet service provider.

Frontier communications

It is the most popular internet service provider in the ruler United States. It provides cable, fibre, and DSL internet connections to its consumers. It entirely covers all the places which are some of the good choices. Frontier is the one ISP which provides plans of FiOS to their certain region users. But this is not readily available to the customers.


The Internet service provider of CenturyLink is the option of inexpensiveness. As it depends on the TV subscription bundling which provide packages that are tempting. The pricing of this ISP starts at 49 dollars per month which speeds up to hundred Mbps. It also offers 65 dollars to provide 940Mbps speed. The services of this internet service provider look as a bit inconsistent based on your regions. When compared with other ISP’s this is somewhat slower but can be easily accessible to its speed.

It offers internet service which is robust mainly when it is regarding the speed. It offers a plan of base which is twenty-nine dollars and provides the speed up to twenty Mbps with an additional fifteen dollars to offer speed of 200 Mbps. The availability of this ISP is limited in an extreme way.

Media com

The cable-based provider is Mediacom which base plans start for thrity nine dollars at sixty Mbps and progress further; when additional amount of money is added up to ten dollars.


This is one of the best satellite internet providers available to the customers. This plan starts from 100Mbps but most of the regions displays speeds of about 12Mbps. You might not have any problem with accessibility, as the administration depends on satellites but no on the area that you reside. If there is not ISP around you, consider to use Viasat. Each plan consists of cap of lower data which doesn’t prioritizes your information if it exceeds of using it every month. The plans are expensive as the prices rise. The data used from three to six in the morning do not count as the data of priority which is beneficial for the night owl people.


This is best and first internet service providers to provide fibre internet to your house. The FiOS of Verizon makes and keeps the things easier and simple with three plans of internet. The plans offered by this internet service provider also provides few rewards to its customers. You can also spare some money at twenty dollars using Verizon wireless scheme. This ISP offers best reliability and competitive pricing as FiOS is known as best satisfaction for customer. You might also receive bundles of FiOS through some subscribers. Few of the regions without Fios can also offer DSL administration up to fifteen Mbps.

An availability concern is experienced with Fios. However, there are few areas that still run with Verizon’s DSL service without Fios. The speed tops out to upto 15Mbps.


Thus, these are some of the internet service providers which are best and prominent in United States that offers different internet plans at best prices. You can be able to easily access the services of this ISP’s and enjoy the things that you can do online or on internet.…

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Our Favorite Internet Routers

If you love watching hi-definition videos and playing games online, it is quite essential to get your router upgraded because the wireless speed should be very good. The wireless coverage is improved by the new router and you can continue playing your online games and watch videos at office and home. Below is a list of the very famous routers which is used by the majority.

Netgear NightHawk RAX50 AX5400

It is famous for its amazing features and its speed and a reasonable price. This router has amazing performance for wireless connections and this is for the majority of the people who look out for the best kind of router. It has the quality which will last for many years and is updated for Wi-Fi 6. This is mainly important because it will be compatible with all the devices which run with a wireless facility. Most of the devices that we use in our home are Wi-Fi 6 capable and this router is also ready for Wi-Fi 6.

When compared with other routers this router has a combination of an affordable price with the latest Wi-Fi compatibility and that is why it has been the topmost amongst the wireless routers. It has excellent dual-band speed and can provide an amazing wireless internet for your entire home, there are many advanced models of this router but this model is compatible for household use. WPA compatible with Wi-Fi security devices, 1.5Giga hertz triple-core processor, USB ports, and 4 ethernet ports are included in this model of the router. Eliminating all the dead zones this router connects to all your smart devices at home. Amazon’s Alexa is also compatible with this router and it helps you to give commands over voice.

TP-Link Archer AX6000

It is a good idea to invest in this router if you are looking for a combination of excellent performance and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. Because of its excellent performance, it can be either used for business or household purposes also. Compatible with OFDMA & MU-MIMO & for charging it has a USB-C port. Data can be transferred with high speed through 9-gigabit ethernet ports. It performs network management actions through voice commands and is also compatible with Amazon’s Alexa. This router is versatile because of its high performance even though you will find many different Wi-Fi 6 routers.

Google Nest Wi-Fi

If you have a big home and you want a router with a huge connectivity radius, the best option is to choose the nest Wi-Fi. This provides a uniform wireless network for the entire house because it is a mesh network router. Mesh network gives a huge wireless coverage which is linked together with the help of multiple nodes. Even though its coverage is excellent it is extremely easy to use this router when compared to the other routers. Now anyone at home can manage to set up a home network because the process is extremely simple. This device is sold for $169, it consists of two ethernet ports, one for the devices which are wired like a desktop and the other for the modem. There is another model for the price of $149, this does not have an ethernet port, the wired devices which are to be used must be near the router.

TP-Link Archer C1200

When your daily usage of internet is regarding light media streaming, browsing, and checking the email then you will need only a simple net connection that can be given by this router that too at a very low price. Specifications of this router are it has dual-band speed, gigabyte ethernet ports, and 2 USB ports.

Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500

The game usually requires a very fast internet connection. This router gives an amazing connection for the gamers. It has 4-gigabit ethernet ports and 1.7ghz processor. Priority for this router is to connect with the gaming websites very well. It also optimizes connections for low-ping games. It also provides you with additional security or different options according to the geographical location by helping you to connect it with a gaming VPN. Direct customization and direct monitoring are the performance features of this router. Apart from this model, there is another one by the name XR700 which is more in price and performance compared to XR500.

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What is the Fastest Type of Internet?

At present, the internet has become a vital thing for all people to complete their daily activities and there are several businesses running on internet basis. Due to all these reasons the internet usage has reached to maximum extent which created a situation to search for high speed internet. People always wish to have high speed internet but in reality people use several electronic devices to access internet where each hardware device has its own internet connection speed limit based on that the internet speed would be prevailed. Thus when technology changes the internet speed also change accordingly in present days there are several latest technologies has updated where people use high speed internet in mobile devices too but at the same time when it comes to home internet the speed would be entirely less. This is mainly because of wrong type of internet choice so it is important to choose fastest type of internet such as cable, fiber and DSL based on purpose of usage.

Internet connection is best for home and business purposes:

There are several types of internet connections available starting from dial up connection till wireless connections were people use them for different devices. Each internet connection has different speed limits based on connection type. Although there are several types of internet connections available people always prefer to have faster internet type connections here are some of the fastest internet connection type are listed below.

All above internet type connections are remains to be fastest connection were the internet speed are high when compared to all other internet connection type such as wireless, satellite, modem connection and many. Even though all of them are fastest connection people need to choose suitable type of network connection based on purpose. In general people uses internet on two purposes for home use and for business both are quite different.

For home purposes:

If people search for home purposes then cable and DSL internet type connection remains to be best option. The home internet uses only E-mail, blogs, website search and many surfing so they only need minimum speed. Moreover the cable type of internet connection is widely preferred to hoe use because it is widely available and do not cost more. Whenever there is network congestion in exciting TV cable there would some low speed of internet which would not make much difference.

For Business purposes:

When it comes to commercial business purposes cable and DSL networks would not suitable because in business people not only use Email and surfing there are several other things such as video conferencing, group chat, heavy uploads other source applications and many things. In order to do that the internet speed should be really faster or else it may leads to high loss of revenue. So mostly business people prefer to have fiber connection and 5G connections were these two connections are not available in wide range but also cost higher. Although it costs are high business people tend to have fiber connection to avoid revenue loss.…

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